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Seth Hutchinson Photography

I hand coded and designed this responsive photography website to showcase the talent of Seth Hutchinson. It features a custom home page with tiled images that scale perfectly on all screen sizes, and adjust the tiles showing based on the window dimensions. For touch screen and mobile devices, I setup an animated menu, converted click to touch events, and added logic to deliver smaller photos on mobile to minimize data usage. I integrated this site with WordPress to manage the gallery photos and other content.

Highlights: WordPress, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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Thanks for visiting 3 Colors Red, a portfolio site I hand coded from scratch! I work as a Senior Product Manager for enterprise digital software and build things on the side to explore my passion for UX design and grow my technical skills.

I started with web development many, many years ago from a desire to create custom web content and build a foundation in coding. Over time, I became increasingly inspired with native mobile apps, and shifted my focus to iOS development, eventually publishing an iOS app called Time Boxer.

In my Product Management experience I have worked closely with designers and developed a design sensibility that has fueled thinking on my own projects. I enjoy the creative problem solving in programming and the ability design something from scratch. The tools and languages I’ve used in my projects include…Sketch, Miro, Jira, Swift, xCode, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql and Wordpress.

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